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Tuesday06:00PM - 08:50PMLS203

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Law LLM Courses

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Pearce, Russell G

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LLMs must receive permission from the LLM Office to be registered for the course ;Satisfies Professional Responsibility ;Student's cannot register for CLGL-0349, EHGL-0208, EHGL-0213, EHGL-0291, EHGL-0293 & EHGL-0320

Course Section Level Description

This course is an introduction to professional responsibility, also known as the law governing lawyers. Principal topics are: the Attorney-Client Relationship (Confidentiality and Privilege, Agency, Fiduciary Duty, Loyalty & Diligence, Duty to Inform and Advise, Autonomy of Attorneys and Clients) Conflicts of Interest (Concurrent, Successive, Personal, Imputed) Ethics in Advocacy and Transactional Work Lawyers for Organizations (conflicts & confidentiality in entity representation) Control of Quality: Reducing the Likelihood of Professional Failure Discipline and Bar Admission and Free Speech Rights for Lawyers. The course will be taught as a seminar and class participation is essential. There will be 5 short papers assigned during the semester no final exam.

Course Level Description

Professional Responsibility explores the rules and law governing lawyers, the way lawyers find meaning in their work, and the role of lawyers in society. This course covers the major doctrinal topics in the field, including the unauthorized practice of law, the lawyer-client relationship, finding and billing clients, confidentiality, conflicts of interest, and duties to the legal system, the profession, and non-clients. The course also introduces students to professionalism, the debate regarding the proper role of the lawyer, and the question of why lawyers have special privileges and responsibilities. The course uses old MPRE questions and other multiple choice questions to focus the readings and the class discussions.LL.M. students may register only by permission from the LL.M. office.